we create visuals of unbuilt architecture - all made in Denmark.

Still images

We mainly use still images to communicate your architectural concepts and ideas. Whether it’s for competitions, commissions, conceptual or sales or the scale is a masterplan, a building or landscape design we are experts in making the project come alive in an image.

Virtual Reality

The use of VR in architecture has been one of the big game changers in the past few years. We’ve been doing VR for use in all phases of the design. We offer two types of VR.

We do 360 panoramic tours where you can explore your projects from fixed points. These are simple and only requires a smartphone and some goggles.

We also do more immersive game engine based VR, where you can move around freely and interact with by changing materials, change the light, open doors and so on. These are way more advanced and require a headset like the Oculus or Vive and a PC.

Architectural Movies / Animation

Sometimes still images are not enough to cover the visual communication. We have made animations that were used for sales and marketing for projects in both small and large scale.

Catalogue Renders

We have done a few cases of batch rendering projects, where the process is a lot more automated and fast. Like the case above which is for a Norwegian house manufacturer where we visualized around 40 houses in 5 different environments - in total more than 200 images, which was used for catalogues and showcase on a website.