This is how we do it:

1. booking and price

Please contact us by phone or mail regarding availability and pricing. At this stage, we need confirmation of price, startup date and deadline and schedule a startup meeting. Our pricing model is usually project-based, so you will get a flat-fee.

We usually need at least 2-4 weeks of notice, but we often have gaps in our calendar or postponed projects so that we can take in projects with shorter notice.

2. meet and brief

We always prefer to meet with our clients - either physically or through video conferencing - and start up projects with a briefing where we talk through the scope of the project, your expectations and the narrative of the images.

At this stage, we also need a 3D model and relevant drawings. We will send you a process guide containing further information on what we need and the feedback process.

3. 3d work

This is where we translate what we talked about in the meeting and brief into images. Our 3d work includes working on materials, scene details and fine-tuning lights and camera. The 3D work is mainly about getting all the geometry and materials in the images correct. The true magic will happen in the next stage where we take the images into photoshop.

We run 2-3 stages of feedback during 3D work.

4. photoshop work

When we get to photoshop most of the magic happens. This is where the image comes alive with entourage and we enhance the atmosphere in the images by tweaking the renders.

We usually run two rounds of photoshop comments. We're quite flexible at this stage, but some geometry changes that require re-rendering might not be possible.

5. closure and goodbye's

Once we have gone through this process and you are happy with the final result we will deliver them digitally. We deliver a high resolution tif around 6000 px, unless we agreed otherwise.

At this stage we give each other a hug and say our goodbye's, however, our doors are always open for further collaborations in the future.