Virtual reality is quite hard to show on a 2 dimensional homepage like this. It's way easier if you have a phone and a set of VR goggles. If you do, head to Android Play Store or iOS App Store and get app where you can see our content.

If we already spend the time setting up a 3D scene for still images, we can fast and easily convert that into a Virtual Reality scene where you experience it in 3D and control what you're looking  at. The system is operated by the user's head movements, as you move your head around you are able to see in every direction of the image. It's quite easy. All you or you client need is a cheap set of cardboard goggles and a smartphone. For further explanation check out some of these youtube links.

By clicking the link below on your smartphone, the app will open up with the content on this page. We can help you get your own app for your company or project to showcase your project in VR for potential customers. It's probably way cheaper than you think.

There's a few 2D examples of the Axel Towers VR below. Click and drag to look around and click the white circle to  navigate to a new room.